Friday, November 30, 2012

Social Norms: What Fictional Character Would Make A Great U.S. President? (QUESTION POST)

In a recent article I found on, author Matt Blum lists the top 10 fictional characters that would make great U.S. Presidents.  Indeed we do read about many strong and powerful characters as well as see them on the big screen.  Politics can be such a gruesome topic to discuss and I wanted to touch upon it without actually outright saying my political beliefs and such.
So, before you read the article, I have a question for all of you.  What fictional character do you believe would make a great U.S. President?  Let me know in the comments section!
Here is the article on -->


  1. maybe Mr. Smith (from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington)?

    1. I have not seen that movie in a long time but if I remember it correctly, I'd say you're right - he would do a good job. I will have to re-watch that movie soon.

  2. Superman. Let's be honest, he could solve all of our problems... except the economy, that's pretty much screwed