Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: MuggleNet Academia

In case you haven't noticed, I love Harry Potter.  I've grown up reading the books.  Through my experience I have become an avid reader, a writer, and a thoughtful human being.  I seriously wonder what my life would look like if the boy who lived had not been apart of it.
When I was in college I dreamed about taking a Harry Potter literature course (or any course for that matter).  I loved the books so much and felt that they should be studied just as much as the classics that were typical in the classroom.  When I read Shakespeare I saw elements of Harry Potter.  When I read Dickens I saw elements of Harry Potter.  When I read Jane Austen I saw elements of Harry Potter.  I could go on and on about where I saw Harry Potter but I will hold off so I don't bore you to death.
This week's drink is a podcast from the #1 Harry Potter FanSite in the world, MuggleNet!  The podcast is titled MuggleNet Academia.  On the podcast, MuggleNet staff member Keith Hawk and John Granger, known as the Hogwarts Professor, come together with a special guest, be it a professor, an author, lawyer, etc., and a student guest to discuss literature aspects of the seven novels.  I had the opportunity to be apart of this awesome podcast just last month when I was a student guest on Episode 22.  The experience was amazing and I can only hope to have more in the future.
The reason I chose this podcast for this week's drink is because so far Thirsty Thursday has featured TV, music, people, and a website.  Variety is always swell.  But more importantly, I am featuring the show because I think it is absolutely incredible.  Potter fans, like myself, have wanted to discuss Harry Potter literature in a classroom environment for quite a long time and instead of waiting for all of the colleges in the world to recognize these books (some colleges do offer Harry Potter courses), MuggleNet took matters into their own hands!  They talk about all kinds of different aspects of literature in these books and the result is educational and fun!  Plus, it is always a great thing when academia is brought outside of the classroom in creative ways!
I highly recommend you listen to this podcast!  It is easily accessible.  Just go onto the iTunes store and search MuggleNet Academia and you can download all 23 episodes!  If you love to read and if you love literature and, of course, if you love Harry Potter, than you do not want to miss out on this!
And that is the drink of the week!  As always I will end this blog by quoting the most interesting man in the world - "Stay thirsty my friends."  Talk to you guys next time!

Questions - Have you listened to this podcast?  What is your favorite thing about it?  What episode did you enjoy the most?  The least?  Anyone know of a podcast series similar to this that talks about other modern day works of literature such as the Hunger Games or A Song of Ice and Fire?  Let me know in the comments!

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