Monday, November 17, 2014

The Universe, Science, and God by Katie Lynn Daniels

Well, it has happened. I have read my first e-book. I'm not going to go into a detailed report on why I despise e-books but it is important to be aware of my distaste. I have never bought an e-book...well, okay I bought one about C.S. Lewis. When I will read it, who knows. It was discounted. But I don't plan to buy any in the future nor do I plan to ever by a tablet or e-reader as it seems counterproductive in my opinion. But that is just my opinion. I know many people love them and love the convenience aspect of it all and that is fine. I will end it there. Anyway, when you look at the books app on my iPhone you will notice there are quite a few e-books stored there and may question my authenticity. I will respond by telling you that these books have been downloaded for free...and no, not illegally. Most of the books on my phone are offered for free from a website called Noise Trade. Noise Trade is where I downloaded the book I am reviewing today titled The Universe, Science, and God by Katie Lynn Daniels.
I am very interested in the relationship between science and theology so naturally when I saw this title on Noise Trade I had to download it. I feel that this book was probably a poor choice to start off my first e-reading experience for when I finished it, I seriously questioned if this was even qualified as a book and what was the book's purpose. The text really has no thesis apart from the title which really isn't a thesis and it seems to be just random thoughts that would be better suited for a journal or blog entries. In fact, why isn't this a blog? It is a shame because if this sort of thing was a blog, I would definitely be reading it. It poses a lot of great questions and each chapter is the length of a typical blog entry. But as a book it just doesn't seem to work because there is no clear thesis and it doesn't serve to accomplish anything and I believe these things are what brought the book down. Not only that but the book was way too short to tackle such a big issue.
I won't go as far to say that the book had no strong points. It posed a lot of interesting questions and seems a great starting point for people who may be interested in learning about this topic. I really liked the beginning when the author discussed the second law of thermodynamics and that disorder must increase with time. I also liked that she made a connection to the popular show Doctor Who and how the complexity of life is metaphorically represented in that show...although I don't actually watch Doctor Who.
Overall, this was an underwhelming read. It is forgetful and has way too many drawbacks for it's medium. It would either be better suited for a blog or need to be expanded upon to make it a more concise and solid work. I also should add that I in no way think Daniels isn't talented. I would love to talk with her and have a conversation. I give the book 2 out of 5 stars.
If you want to download the book, visit this link!

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