Friday, March 16, 2012

Art:The Wonders of Disney Animation

     I'm a child of the Disney Renaissance so it is no surprise that I am obsessed with Disney, as are many others born in the 90's generation.  I'm also a huge fan of Youtube and one thing I love about Youtube are the covers talented musicians post and montages created by am-mature video editors.  This video most likely showed up in my news feed on Youtube or on the related videos column on another video...I don't quite remember.  Either way, this video somehow entered my life and is probably the best tribute to Disney I have ever seen - PERIOD!  I can not watch it without tearing up.  Everything is perfect.  The picture quality is perfect, HD and everything!  The use of clips is fantastic and every clip fits into place perfectly.  The beginning and ending of the montage fits well - showing Walt Disney (I believe) as the conductor for the montage's music.  And speaking of music, the music used in this montage is beyond amazing!  First it start's out with the brilliant Alan Menken (Hunchback of Notre Dame), followed by an underrated score from an underrated Disney film (Dinosaur composed by James Newton Howard) and ends with a very popular song used in A LOT of film trailers titled Finale by Randy Edelman from the film Dragonheart.  I doesn't get any better than this!  Finally, the last element that kept this montage moving was the voice overs from Disney movies!  Now, there are many more I can think of that would have fit perfectly in the video but that doesn't even matter much - because every single voice over fits perfectly!  Seriously, how can you not cry when Pinocchio cries "I'm a real boy!" or when Lilo tells Stitch "Ohana means family"?
     I'm posting this for the purpose of art.  I do consider this montage to be a piece of art, not just because it is about Disney which is an art in itself but also because the montage is beautiful and truly captures that sense of Disney magic that we all know and love!  For best viewing, view the video on youtube here!

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  1. This video was great! I love disney! Thanks for sharing!