Monday, March 17, 2014

Kit; An American Girl Book Series by Valerie Tripp

The American Girl books at a glance seem very much a marketing ploy.  The company makes a hundred dollar doll and then gets parents to pay even more on silly books with matching outfits and accessories.   Okay, so that may be partially true.  But after reading all six of the Kit books, I have found that these stories are not marketing ploys but genuinely good little books for young girls.
The Kit books take place during the Great Depression.  Kit's family is struggling.  Her father lost his job and there is a constant worry that they may lose their house or may not be able to put food on the table. Since each American Girl book takes place during a prominent time in history, there are always a few pages in the back of the book explaining what relevance Kit's (or any of the American Girls) story has on the time period.  It is really fascinating and not only did I love it as a kid but even more as an adult.  It is a great attribute to each book.
On the back of every American Girl book reads this message: "What was it like to be a girl long ago?  The American Girls Collection takes you inside the worlds of girls who lived during exciting times in the past.  As you read their stories, you can imagine how different life was back then.  But you'll also discover that their feelings, ideas, and dreams are just like yours."  The books do exactly
what they intend to do.  They create young girls that are could exist in any time period and give them personalities that correlate with the girls reading the book.  The young girls can therefore feel empowered by these girls who have great ideas and use them to do good during important times in history.
Kit is an amazing character and great for young girls to read about.  She loves journalism and learns to use her talents outside of the box and to her advantage.  It is truly a pleasure to read.
Out of all the Kit books, my favorite was the Christmas story (Kit's Surprise).  I feel no shame in saying that it moved me to tears.  The story of friendship and Kit earning money to help her parents pay for house debts and writing a fantasy story for her best friend even though she hates fantasy was just wonderful.  Each book has a unique story line and an equally unique way for Kit to help out.
These books are great in terms of characters and story.  The writing is not impeccable and yes there is that sense that the books are purely written to teach a lesson and for that reason I give the Kit series a 4 out of 5 stars.

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