Thursday, September 6, 2012

Reading: Faceless by Amma Darkon

This past summer I took a class titled Folklore in African Literature.  I wasn't Facelessexpecting to enjoy the class but, to my surprise, I had a good experience!  One of the books we read is by an unknown author named Amma Darko.  The book is Faceless.  The story revolves around two main characters from two very different parts of Accra (the capital of Ghana), Fofo and Kabria. Fofo lives on the streets.  Her mother won't leave her house and believes she is cursed.  The curse, she believes, is the reason she is poor and without a husband.  Kabria is a mother and wife and rescues Fofo from the streets.  Throughout the novel, Kabria and her co-workers look to try and solve the murder mystery of Baby T (Fofo's sister) while also trying solve the issue of why young girls are forced to live their lives in fear on the streets of Accra. 
Keep CalmAmma Darko is a very good writer.  Her writing style was unique and new for me and I enjoyed it very much.  I also enjoyed the story.  There are too many people in this world who face poverty and homelessness and this book does its best to try and find a solution.  Faceless was unlike any book I've ever read and while I liked the story, I found myself becoming bored at times and wanting to put the book down.  The story dragged on and I couldn't wait to be finished the book. 
I can't say this is a good review of the book so please forgive me.  I read it in the beginning of the summer and procrastinated in writing this review.  Overall, I give Faceless 3 out of 5 stars.

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